Provincial HQ debate sparks agitations across country, traffic comes to halt in Dhankuta

BHOJPUR: Discussions over naming capitals of provinces have stirred agitations across various parts of the country. Locals of different districts have taken to the streets demanding their hometowns to be declared as the provincial capitals.

In this series, public transportation in Dhankuta has completely come to a halt as the locals have gone on general strike demanding Dhankuta to be authorised as the provincial capital of Province 1.

As a result, people in four districts -- Bhojpur, Sankhuwasabha, Tehrathum, and Dhankuta -- are affected by the transportation interruption as goods and other supplies have to pass through Dhankuta in order to reach these districts.

The locals of Dhankuta had started demonstrations from December 15 and now they have gone on a general strike since Wednesday.

"Transport entrepreneurs are the ones who are suffering the most due to the general strike," said Joint Bus Entrepreneurs' Association, Bhojpur Incharge Mahesh Rai. He said that seven buses being operated from Bhojpur to Dharan and one to Leguwa, Dhankuta on daily basis have completely come to halt.  Moreover, three taxis operating daily from Bhojpur to Dharan have stopped.

Earlier on Wednesday, Dhankuta locals had padlocked Regional Administration Office in order to exert pressure on the government for the same.

Meanwhile, the transport entrepreneurs have expressed their displeasure at the prospect of huge loss.

The locals of Doti and Sunsari districts have also staged demonstrations demanding the districts to be made the capital city of Province-1.