Only 49 voters in Taplejung's Gyabla polling centre

PHIDIM: As many as 49 voters will cast vote in the upcoming elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies under the first-past-the-post system at the Gyabla-based polling centre in Lelep of Phaktanglung Rural Municipality-6 in Taplejung district.

Likewise, there are a total of 57 voters in Yang of the rural municipality, according to Taplejung District Election Officer Mahesh Kumar Thakur.

Similarly, there are 131 voters in Ghunsa, 184 at Harise Secondary School of Kalikhola in Sidingwa Rural Municipality-1 and 194 voters in Kiling Primary School of Mikwakhola Rural Municipality, said officer Thakur. According to him, 1,040 voters, the largest number in the district, will cast votes at Khokling Centre of the Mikwakhola Rural Municipality-1.

In the district with 73 polling stations and 114 polling centres for a seat of House of Representatives and two for the State Assemblies, there are altogether 78,397 voters.