Only airport in Manang useless for three years

LAMJUNG, July 22

Humdey, the only airport in Manang has been useless for the last three years.

Millions of rupees have been spent on its reconstruction.

Though the government had provisioned construction of an airport in each remote hilly district, the decision has not been implemented yet.

The aerodrome has not had any flights coming in or taking off since it was upgraded and black-topped three years ago.

Samdo Lama, former chairman of District Development Committee, said that neither the government nor any professional airline company had resumed their services from the airport.

“The airline companies refused to resume air service due to  lack of good number of passengers. There is no road access and even the airways have halted their service in the village,” said Lama.

State Minister for Labour Tek Bahadur Gurung said that Manang is the main hub of Annapurna Trekking route. Hence, air services must resume in the district.

The locals say the government has been reluctant to address their problem.