Orphaned siblings at the mercy of neighbours

DADELDHURA: Bishna Bhul is distraught. She lost her parents in the landslides on Tuesday, and also got injured. Such is her precarious condition that she had great difficulty to convince the doctors that to let attend her parents’ last rites. The doctors felt that it would aggravate her health.

“A similar situation confronted her brother Pune as well,” said Karna Bhul, a local.

The siblings managed to escape the calamity, thanks to the water drum at home that prevented the gushing water from drowning the hapless duo.

Bishna recalled the lead up to the tragic moment.

“It was raining heavily since morning on that day. My father was digging the drain to channelise the flood water. Alas! It was in vain,” she said sobbing uncontrollably.

As luck would have it, she came to know about the death her parents, toddler brother Thagi (4) and younger sister Sunakumari (7) at the hospital.

She recalled the last moments

with her kin.

“Mother nature has orphaned us,” she added while trying to come to terms with the grim reality. “Bishna got hurt in the forehead and in one of her eyes. While, Pune suffered injury in his knee. Both will be well soon,” said Dr Jeevan Chhetri.

Will the district administration take care of the orphaned siblings? Well, that remains the big question.

VDC Secretary Karna Bahadur Dhami urged all and sundry to lend them a helping hand to overcome the monumental loss.