Ostracism haunts defiant Dalits

Gaushala, October 12:

The Yadav community has been ostracising 29 Chamar households in Nainhi VDC of Mahottari district for 13 days.

The reason for this punishment: Unlike in the past, the Chamars refused to beat drums during Dashain for free.

The Chamars have accused Suresh Yadav, Kulananda Yadav, Bitan Yadav and Badri Yadav of Tharupati Tole-7 of the VDC of physically assaulting and ostracising them.

Since the day of Ghatasthapa, the Yadavs have allegedly barred the Chamar people from travelling on public paths, collecting water from taps and sending their children to school.

Meanwhile, with support from human rights activists, the victims lodged a complaint against ostracism at the District Administration Office.