Over 150,000 to receive elephantiasis medication in Bhojpur district

BHOJPUR: District Health Office (DHO), Bhojpur will be providing medication for elephantiasis or lymphatic filariasis for the eighth time to over 150,000 patients of the eastern hilly district.

Binod Mishra, focal person of the lymphatic filariasis programme of Bhojpur DHO said,"DHO will be providing the medicine to patients suffering from the ailment through various health facilities in the district from February 24 to 26."

Mishra further added that the dose of elephantiasis medication is usually complete after taking it for the sixth time. However, the disease is still quite rampant in the district and needs to be taken under control. Hence the DHO has decided to provide the seventh and eighth doses to the patients in the district.

A test conducted by experts who had gone to Taksar and Jarayotar of the district from the centre found out that six out of every 100 people had lymphatic filariasis, instead of the expected three cases in every 100 people. Therefore, the dosage of medicine has been increased to seventh and eighth doses for two more years.

The medical programme is being conducted in 24 districts of the country, while elephantiasis has been brought under control in 36 districts. Bhojpur would be 38th in the list if the district is able to bring the disease under control.

According to the DHO, 150,495 persons will be provided with the medicine, which includes 80,077 women and 70,417 men.

According to the health workers, the medicine for lymphatic filariasis should not be taken by children below two years of age, children below five years suffering from malnutrition, pregnant women, new mothers upto seven days of delivery, patients with cancer, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, lung disease, and epilepsy.

Dr Shivaji Rijal of the District Hospital said that persons suffering from any disease should consult their physicians before taking the elephantiasis medication.