Over 18 govt offices in Jajarkot sans chiefs

JAJARKOT: Over one and a half dozen government offices in Jajarkot district are now running without chiefs. The offices are without chiefs after most of them went on leave in different pretexts soon after conclusion of review meeting of the Fiscal Year 2071/72 BS.

Assistant-level employees have been taking the responsibility of officiating chiefs at these offices. Different offices including the District Development Office, District Police Office, District Education Office, District Health Office, District Livestock Service Office, District Technician's Office and District Post Office among others are without chiefs.

Different services provided by those offices have been hampered due to the absence of chiefs.

Local Development Officer Bikas Adhikari, Project Monitoring and Administrative Officer Tek Bahadur Khatri of the District Development Committee and Chief at the District Technician's Office Jayram Shrestha are out of the district while Senior Agriculture Development Officer Chitra Bahadur Rokaya, Chief at the District Health Office Dhirjung Shah, Chief at the District Livestock Service Office Dr Guru Prasad Khakural among others are on leave.

Chief District Officer Janardan Gautam said that although a large number of office chiefs are not allowed to stay on leave at the same time, the offices would run without chiefs for long as some of the chiefs have left the district for government works while some are on short leave.