Surkhet, August 14 At a time when the provincial and local governments are demanding more budget from the centre, tens of billions of rupees remained unused in Karnali province last fiscal. As per data, 38.34 billion rupees of the total budget received from the centre and the province was spent under capital and current expenses in the province. The remaining 22.24 billion rupees froze. Among the total 10 districts, the highest amount of budget froze in Surkhet. “Some 15.99 billion rupees of the capital and current expenses received from the central and the provincial governments has frozen,” said Province Comptroller’s Office, Surkhet. Similarly, while some 1.30 billion rupees went unused in Jajarkot, Jumla, Dailekh and Humla also saw Rs 1.73 billion, Rs 846 million and 683 million rupees frozen.