Maoists ask govt to pay for land to be used

Kamidanda, November 12:

A woman landowner is outraged that the Maoist Peoples’ Liberation Army is preparing to set up its camp on her land, without her permission.

Though the process of setting up a cantonment for the PLA’s third division at Kamidanda of Chyasikharka-4 has started, the Maoists have so far not cared to ask Milimaya Tamang if they could use her land.

“In the month of Bhadra, the Maoists asked for permission to use my land for training their soldiers for four days. However, they have not bothered this time,” said Milimaya.

A joint team of the government, the Maoists and the UN arrived at Kamidanda to inspect the land for the proposed camp site today.

Yesterday, the Maoists issued a fiat to the villagers to be present when the team arrived at the site. “The Maoists told us to be present here compulsorily, so I have come. However, they did not inform me that their soldiers would camp on my land,” said Milimaya, who reached the site with her daughter-in-law.

Of some 200 ropanis of land earmarked for establishing the Maoist army camp at Kamidanda, 20 ropanis belong to Milimaya, which is the only land she owns and has not been cultivating the land for two years. The rest 180 ropanis lie in the jungle .

Milimaya’s five sons have been staying in the capital for some years. Last week, she called them home when she heard of the Maoists proposing to camp on her land. However, no Maoist leader was to be found when her sons tried to contact them, she said.

“Maoists should ask us to use our land; they can not loot our land,” said Milimaya’s daughter-in-law, Ukhumaya, adding, they are thinking to cultivate the land this year.

The land will be used till the election to the constituent assembly is over, said division commander of the Maoists, Bibidh.

When journalists tried to ascertain facts, Bibidh pointed to Milimaya and her daughter-in-law Ukhumaya and said, “We have talked about the land and have also asked the government to provide the due rent to the landowner.”