Palpa couple survive house collapse in wee hours

PAPLA: A couple have been buried after their house collapsed due to torrential rainfall in Gejha Magare of Rampur in Palpa district in the wee hours of Monday.

Om Bahadur Gaha (48) with his wife Sumitra (50) of Rampur VDC-14 were buried after their three-storey house with the thatched roof suddenly collapsed at about 2 am on Monday.

According to a nearby Area Police Office, Om's condition is normal where as wife Sumitra, who sustained serious injuries due to the incident, has been taken to the Mission Hospital in Tansen.

"The couple were buried in the house collapse while their son with his wife went to a relative" said Toya Saru, a local.

A squad from the Area Police Office and Hungi Police Post had rescued them in the Monday morning.