Panchthar DEO halts PCF budget to schools with nil results

PHIDIM: The District Education Office (DEO) of Panchthar has halted budget under the Per-Child Funding (PCF) programme to some schools after not finding satisfied answers behind their nil results in the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exams last year.

According to the District Education Officer, Gyanmani Nepal, the Office stopped the subsidies after finding the fault in teachers for the bad result.

Comparatively the result of this year was good in the district. Seven schools from the district, however, could not pass any of their student through the Iron Gate.

Earlier, the DEO used to provide Rs 6,300 and Rs 1,550 per month to secondary and primary schools respectively which did not have quota of teachers for the levels.

The DEO has also inquired the teachers for the low results in their subjects.

This year, Sidhha Mahendra Secondary School in Aangna, Tribeni Secondary School in Mauwa, Singsiddha Secondary School in Yangnam, Khandrong Secondary School in Sarangdanda, Singhsiddha Secondary School in Lungrupa and Singhsiddha Secondary School in Sidin and Sarasawoti  Secondary School in Memeng of northern side of the district have got zero results in the SLC exams.

Overall pass percentage of the schools in the district, however, has increased to 29 from 13 of the last year.