Panel’s recommendation not binding, says Bohora

KATHMANDU: Even as the fate of seven hitherto closed hotels inside the Chitwan National Park is still uncertain, the hotel proprietors today snubbed Ramesh Rijal, the coordinator of the parliamentary sub-committee on natural resources during a discussion programme.

The hotels have been closed since July 15 .The Public Accounts Committee (PAC)

had instructed the Ministry

of Forest and Soil Conservation (MoFSC) to permit the hotels

to run till 2011 taking into

the consideration the

Tourism Year 2011.

But the Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources ordered the ministry not to implement any instruction given by the PAC and took the case into its court, the hearing of which is still due.

“Everyday I receive some calls threatening my life,” Rijal said, adding that they reached

a near-consensus on not

letting the hotels reopen and will officially submit the report in a few days,” said Rijal.

“The PAC is not the appropriate body to decide on the case of the National Park as it is under the natural resources committee,” said Hari Rokka, member of CA Committee on Natural Resources. “Way back in 1995, the Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources had also suggested to remove the hotels from the CNP as soon as possible but it was not implemented. The hotels should be closed at any cost very soon if the law is to be followed,” added Rokka.

Meanwhile Minister for Forest and Soil Conservation (MoFSC) Deepak Bohora insisted that the executive right lay on the ministry and the committees’ directives was not obligatory for implementation.

“We’ve the executive

rights but the committees’

interference and the conflict among themselves made

the issue more complicated,” said Minister Bohora.

“I urge the committees to reach on consensus as soon as possible otherwise ministry will solve the problem anyway soon,” added Bohora.

The hotels are accused of degrading the natural habitat of the wild animals as well as the environment inside the CNP.

The rhino poaching report of Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation showed that most of the rhinos were killed near the hotels.