Paralegals obstruct DLRO functioning in Birgunj

BIRGUNJ: Accusing the Parsa District Land Revenue Office staff of misbehaving with one of their colleagues, paralegals (lekhandases) in Birgunj obstructed functions of the Office on Wednesday afternoon.

The paralegals, who prepare applications and legal documents for members of the public, resorted to the strike after the DLRO staff reportedly mistreated Rajendra Sah Kanu while he was at the office.

According to the DLRO staff, Kanu had entered the DLRO account section while no one was at the office and searched some documents there.

But, some officials immediately saw Kanu and stopped him from seeing the papers. They also reportedly shouted at him.

The paralegals then picketed the DLRO demanding action against the staff who misbehaved with their colleague.

DLRO Chief Gam Bahadur BK said he took initiatives to settle the issue but the protesters did not cooperate.

Meanwhile, the Paralegals Association, Parsa said they would continue the strike till the responsible officials were booked.