Parbat prison houses inmates thrice its capacity

PHALEBAS, PARBAT: The inmates at Parbat Prison, ranked 'E' at Phalebash in Parbat district, have been compelled to do their time in a crowded atmosphere as it has been housing inmates three times higher than its actual capacity.

The prison with a total capacity of 25 inmates is crammed with 78 jailbirds — five females and 73 males.

Prison Office Chief Mohan Prasad Upadhyay shared that the situation emanated from lack of an alternative space to accommodate inmates. The inmates have also been complaining with prison administration about the difficulties having to share the limited space in the jail room with many fellow inmates.

The prison administration too has brought this situation to the notice of local administration and Department of Prison Management, but to no avail.

Jailer Upadhyay said, "The issue has not been sorted out yet. The major problem faced by the inmates is lack of space for sleeping, nevertheless, there is adequate availability of drinking water and toilet facilities for them."

The prison has two blocks for the inmates. Since there is no separate jail for female inmates, they have been sharing the space with the male inmates in separate blocks within the prison, according to Upadhyay. He explained, "The construction of separate prison for female inmates has been stagnant for six years due to lack of fund."