Parents blamed for increasing child marriages in Sindhuli

Sindhulimadhi, June 21

The rate of child marriage is increasing in Sindhuli.

Former chairman of Sindhuli Child Netwok Ramkaji Ghalan blamed parents for the rise in child marriage. “Parents do not want to listen to us. Often, they threaten us. It is therefore hard to protest against child marriage in such a society,” Ghalan bemoaned.

Many child clubs are active in the municipality and rural municipalities. The child clubs raise their voice against child labour, child marriage and violence meted out to children. However, parents turn deaf ears to their voices.

According to Informal Sector Service Cente Sindhuli representative Bimala Pandey, child marriage is rampant in the

district. As families and parents have accepted it, no case is filed against such practice,” Pandey stated. As a result more girls are becoming mothers at a young age.

Women Human Rights Protection Network Sindhuli Secretary Rama Karki said that local parents accept child marriage as children might kill themselves if separated from each other.

As many as 115 young girls have delivered babies at Sindhuli District Hospital till date this fiscal. Hospital Chief Dr Sumitra Gautam said underage mothers bear premature babies and they even have to face unsafe abortions, among other consequences.

According to law, a girl who has crossed 20 years can tie the marital knot.  Marrying before 20 is deemed child marriage, which is illegal and punishable. The law has it that those who marry and get others married underage shall face three years prison term and Rs 30,000 fine.

Anyone who witnesses child marriage can file a case within three months with the police. The name and address of the informant will be kept secret.

However, only one case of child marriage was registered at District Police Office, Sindhuli, this fiscal.