RAUTAHAT: The alleged mastermind behind the abduction and murder of a 12-year-old child was released on general date by the order of the Supreme Court, on Thursday.

A bench of Supreme Court justices Ishwar Prasad Khatiwada and Kumar Regmi released Rambalak Rai Yadav along with one other, Krishna Avatar Rai, on general date, shared the child's bereaved parents in a press meet.

Dilip Sah and Babita Devi Sah, parents of the boy, organised the press meet on Saturday at Himalayan Guest House in Chandrapur of Rautahat district to share their deep concern. They have questioned the judicial mechanism of the country which they believe have freed the men involved in the death of their child.

Twelve-year-old Yuvaraj Sah ‘Shanideval’ of Dumariya in Katahariya Municipality-9 had been abducted from his home on the night of June 9 while he was asleep. The kidnappers sought Rs 10 million in ransom for the child’s release which they later settled for Rs 500,000. The abductors then went back on their agreement and killed the child. His body was found with a bullet wound to his head on the morning of June 11, 2018.

Police also found a pistol and the bullet fired to kill the child. According to police, the kidnappers had taken the child some 15 kilometres east of the family's home and shot him dead after injuring him in various parts of his body.

A case had been filed against 17 persons including Rambalak Rai Yadav and Krishna Avatar Rai at the District Police Office, Rautahat. Out of them, 12 persons -- including the mastermind and ward chair Ramagya Yadav -- had been arrested by the police and remanded to judicial custody at Gaur Prison while the case was going on at the district court.

The Sah couple shared that they have faced a great injustice when without their prior knowledge two of the accused were released on general date.

Mother of the child said, "I have lost my son and I am living with that pain; who do I go and tell this to? The only hope is that I will be able to see the court taking action against those who brutally killed him." But she questions as to when her son will get justice and sees that it is a tough road ahead with five persons still on the loose and two out on general date.