Parliament holds discussions on six bills

Kathmandu, September 28

The Parliament today held preliminary discussions on six bills related to formation of six constitutional commissions — National Dalit Commission, National Inclusive Commission, Commission on Indigenous Nationalities, Madhesi Commission, Tharu Commission and Muslim Commission.

Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development Hit Raj Pande, replying to queries of lawmakers, said the bills were brought to fulfil the constitutional responsibility of forming the commissions. He said that the bills would incorporate good suggestions of lawmakers. The government had registered six bills relating to the six commissions.

Meanwhile, today’s House meeting was halted for more than half an hour due to lack of quorum. After Nepal Workers and Peasants’ Party’s lawmaker Dilli Prasad Kafle raised question about lack of quorum, Speaker Onsari Gharti instructed the staff of the parliamentary secretariat to count the lawmakers who were present.