Parsa hunts fake school teachers hatched by education mafia

PARSA: Not long after closing down unauthorised schools running in the district, Birgunj Metropolis has now begun hunting down phony school teachers upon finding evidences on existence of unappointed persons posing as practising teachers.

Birgunj Metropolis initiated an investigation after a school in Lal Parsa wrote to the office demanding salary of two teachers who falsified the records with fake documents.

In this backdrop, the District Administration Office has begun hunting Abdesh Yadav and Sitambar Thakur who posed as practising teachers at Nera Adharbhut School in Lal Parsa.

The Educational Unit Department under Birgunj Metropolis hit on the evidence against Yadav and Thakur who in the records had accepted an appointment letter from the school and approval from District Education Office, Parsa on the same day, an unusual event, on February 13, 2017.

During preliminary investigation, at least 40 fake teachers who obtained appointment letters and approvals through education mafias are found to be active in the district, a government source said.

According to Chief District Officer Loknath Poudel, it has been suspected that officials of District Education Office, school administrations and few teachers have masterminded the phony-teacher-scam.

The record numbers in the papers forwarded by teachers are different while the signature of CDO in the papers is forged, informed Poudel.

Meanwhile, the administration has written to police, directing search and arrest of the persons involved in the scam.

According to a working school teacher, after formation of local levels, few fake teachers have already accepted salaries and benefits as school administrations and their transactions were brought under purview of local levels.

As per sources, fake teachers are active in Masihani, Bijbaniya and Suwarnapur in the district. A fake teacher was illegally appointed in Nera Primary School in Bagh Morcha and later transferred to another school in city area to rip off state treasury, the source claimed.

Meanwhile, the school administration has written to the metropolis informing that no one under the name of the person appointed and transferred was hired by the administration.