Parties conspiring against statute: Prakash

JANAKPURDHAM: Vice-chairman of Unified CPN-Maoist Narayankaji Shrestha 'Prakash' today said some parties were hatching conspiracies to prevent the establishment of federalism and writing the new constitution.

Talking to mediapersons in Janakpur airport, Prakash said, "The ruling parties invited the present political deadlock since they don't want the new constitution to be drafted under the leadership of the UCPN-M, the largest party in the CA."

Stating that there is the need of ethic autonomous states with the right to self-determination to ensure federalism, Prakash said the UCPN-M had no alternative for a popular agitation to end the imbroglio.

He added that his party would be flexible to give an outlet to the current problems. Prakash accused the Nepali Congress, UML and Madhes-based parties of not coming to terms of agreement regarding tabling a resolution motion in the House. If they refuse to agree, they will face a crisis, he warned. "The ruling parties are trying to dissolve the PLA by terming it a criminal force and reestablish the traditional parliamentary system," the Maoist leader said, vowing not surrender to them at any rate. He accused the President of imposing military supremacy, as suggested by foreign forces.

Meanwhile, addressing a mass meet organised by Mithila Sub-committee of the party in Mahottari's Bardibas today, he said only a government led by his party could accomplish the twin task of establishing peace and drafting the constitution on time. He threatened to launch a decisive agitation after Chhath if the 'unconstitutional' step of the President was not corrected by then.