Kathmandu, November 27:

Developing scenario looks favourable for the achievement of total democracy and therefore the political parties should keep on leading people for mass demonstrations, human rights activist Krishna Pahadi today said. “Earlier, parties were were behind the civil society and we were urging the parties to lead the mass and the civil society was ready to follow and now the scenario is in an equilibrium,” he said, while addressing a talk programme organised by the Press Chautari. He also said the parties-Maoist pact has made their stance clear for a democratic republic and that both the signatories have have made a right decision. “We are happy that the political equation is taking us to the birth of a new Nepal - where the political parties have understood the demands of the people,” he said.

According to him, the recent pact has closed all doors of blackmailing the people in the name of terrorism or any other slogan to remain at the government seat. Shiva Gaule, the acting chairman of Federation of Nepalese Journalists said, “political parties and the Maoists have shown commitment to total democracy and that it was a welcome step but implementation of the agreement in the future would be a matter to think about.” Yogesh Bhattarai, the secretary of UML Valley Committee said the government is working hard to disturb the scheduled pro-democracy UML mass meetings. “We have information that the government has set up unnecessary checkpoints at Dakshinkali, Thankot, Sanga and other areas so that they would not let others come in the valley and participate in any mass meetings. We must defy such conspiracies,” he said.