Kathmandu, February 2:

Speakers at a mass meeting held here today warned political parties that they might face people’s wrath if they continued ignoring concerns of the indigenous communities, Dalits and the disadvantaged groups.

Earlier, members of various organisations affiliated to indigenous groups had taken out a rally from Basantapur Dabali. The rally converged into a mass meeting at Basantapur Dabali after passing through Sundhara and Ason. The rally was taken out to press the government to guarantee proportionate representation in CA polls.

Demanding that provisions in the interim constitution, which are against the interests of the indigenous nationalities, Madhesis, Dalits and women, be scrapped, Dr Om Gurung,

consultant at the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN), said, “All concerns

of the NEFIN have been excluded from the interim constitution.” He demanded that the interim constitution be amended immediately.

Gurung added, “The talks proposal from the government is appreciable, but the committee formed under the coordination of Mahantha Thakur cannot solve the Terai crisis.”

“Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula or Prime Minister GP Koirala should come for talk to solve the Terai crisis”. “Until there is any minister from the indigenous nationalities, the issues of indigenous people are not going to be solved.”

Bairagi Kaila, researcher and expert, said, “The elected people from various parties will not represent the indigenous people because they will follow their parties’ principles. There should be representation of people from indigenous nationalities to address problems of the indigenous people.”

Padma Ratna Tuladhar, a member of the civil society, said, “The Terai movement is a national movement launched for the betterment of those people ignored by the parties and the government.”