Past events to weigh down on left alliance

Okhaldhunga, November 9

Despite the alliance formed at the central level, victory for the CPN-UML-CPN-MC alliance still remains a tall order in Okhaldhunga given the misgivings between the district-level leaders and cadres of the two parties.

Though leaders of the parties have kept mum over past incidents fearing their impact on the results of the upcoming elections, the acrimony between cadres of the two parties still thrives. Especially, UML leaders are openly voicing their discontent over the party’s decision to support CPN-MC candidate Mohan Khadka in provincial assembly ‘kha’, saying they can’t support a party that had many a time in the past aunched physical assaults on UML cadres and even caused the deaths of a few.

UML leader Phanindra Prasad Luintel, who has been recommended as under the proportional representation system from the district, took to social media, saying he wouldn’t go to vote for the candidate of a party that murdered a UML-aligned teacher Guru Luintel during the insurgency era just for his political conviction. Similarly, UML cadres have cited the murder of their leader Chhabi Karki and rued the party’s decision to opt for the alliance with the party of the murderers.

“Just till yesterday, former lawmakers Yagyaraj Sunuwar and the district level leadership would spit vile against the party CPN-MC for murdering our men. It surprises us today that the same leaders are shouldering the murderers and asking for votes for them,” said local UML leader Mahesh Shrestha, the move of the party and the leadership has brought shame on the cadres.

On the other hand, CPN-MC leaders have expressed dissatisfaction with the UML’s quietus over the arrest of Maoist leader Balkrishna Dhungel.