Patients deprived of free medicines

Dadeldhura, October 3

There is a dearth of medicines provided by the state free of cost in Dadeldhura Hospital.

As many as 70 types of free medicines had been provided to the hospital by the government. However, now, even cetamol is not available in the hospital.

Earlier, patients could get some medicines from the hospital, but now the patients are compelled to buy those otherwise free medicines from private drug stores.

Bir Bahadur Sahu, a local, said scarcity of medicines had hit patients hard after the sub-regional hospital was changed into Dadeldhura Hospital. The medicine distribution centre at the hospital was closed after it ran out of the 70 types of free medicines provided by the state.

Karan Aire, another local of Amargadi Municipality said he had taken his mother to Dadeldhura Hospital for treatment some days ago. “I bought all the medicines, which were supposed to be provided by the hospital free of cost, from a private drug store,” he said.

Aire said no subsidised medicine was available in the hospital. “Staffers and doctors in the hospital said they were not aware about the subsidised medicines,” he added.

Public Health Inspector Laxmi Shrestha of Sudurpaschim Province said 70 types of medicines had been provided to the hospitals, primary health centres and health posts of the province.

He said Sudurpaschim Province could not provide the medicines to Dadeldhura Hospital as it was being operated under the centre. Shrestha said the medicines were supposed to reach health facilities from the central level.

Meanwhile, acting Medical Director Dr Naresh Shrestha at Dadeldhura Hospital said he was ignorant about the subsidised medicines as he had just reached the hospital.

He said he would find out why the free medicines provided by the state had not reached the hospital.