Patients suffering from viral fever increase in Bajura

Bajura, September 21

The number of patients suffering from viral diseases has increased in different health facilities in the past week in Bajura.

According to District Health Office, change of weather in Bajura, polluted water, lack of sanitation, among others, have been identified as the main reasons behind the outbreak of numerous viral diseases in the district.

Information Officer Ram Chandra Yadav of District Health Office said that around 25 to 30 viral patients have been coming to the hospital to seek treatment on a daily basis. “The patients have increased in all 28 health facilities of the district in the last two weeks,” he informed.

Health workers said that seasonal disease can be seen among 60 per cent of patients who reache the primary health centres such as Tate Health Post, Toli, Bahrabisa, Dogadi Health Post for consultation. Dr Bikal Lamichhane at Kolti Health Post said that around 15 patients out of 100 are diagnosed with viral diseases each day.

The health workers further added that medicines have begun to run out after the number of patients increased in the different health facilities. As many as two dozen people fell sick due to viral fever within two weeks at Bahrabisa VDC.

Locals said that cold, cough, fever and vomiting, among others, were the major symptoms observed among the sufferers.

Elderly citizens and children are reported to have been badly affected due to the outbreak.

Damber Singh, a teacher at Martadi-based Bhagawati High School, said that classes have been affected due to the outbreak in the locality.