Patients being treated in tents in Dhading

Dhading, January 17

Scores of health facilities in Dhading, which were completely damaged in the 2015 earthquake, have yet to be reconstructed.

Though the government claimed that reconstruction of health facilities was its top priority, scores of health facilities are providing services from makeshift tents even 32 months after the earthquake.

The National Reconstruction Authority had taken initiatives to reconstruct the damaged structures of health posts, health centres and hospitals. However, services have been badly affected due to lack of proper infrastructure. Sensitive and critical cases are also being handled under the tents

Public health supervisor at Dhading District Public Health Office, Bishnu Rijal, said they were providing services to people despite delay in the reconstruction of necessary infrastructure. “Darkha Health Post has been operating under a tent for want of necessary infrastructure for more than two years,” added Rijal. Construction of the health facility got delayed due to negligence on the part of the contractor.

Locals are using the under-construction infrastructure of Darkha Health Post as store house for firewood and fodder. Many health facilities in the northern part of the district are operating under makeshift tents. The locals attributed lack of strict monitoring for delay in the reconstruction work.

Meanwhile, Senior Public Health Administrator Maheshwor Shrestha at District Public health Office said his office could not do anything in this regard. The Ministry of Building Construction and Urban Development was looking after the reconstruction work of heath facilities and other financial matters.

Of the 49 health facilities which were damaged in the earthquake of April 2015, 20 have been reconstructed in the district so far.