Paudel to vie for Nepali Congress president

Damauli, November 28

Nepali Congress Vice-president Ramchandra Paudel today said that he would file his candidacy for the post of party president in the upcoming 13th General Assembly.

Further, Paudel asked party President Sushil Koirala and Senior leader Sher Bahadur Deuba to propose and second him respectively.

Speaking at a press meet organised in Damauli, Paudel said, “Since I have contributed to the party for many years and many cadres and leaders want my presidency, Sushil and Sher Bahadur should help me.” He said that he would directly ask Koirala and Deuba to support him for the party’s top job.

Stating that the party’s rank and file were seeking someone who could guard democracy and give direction to the party, Paudel held that he was fit for taking the party to new heights and giving a clear direction to the party.

Paudel urged party leaders and cadres to support him to end factionalism in the party and unite it. When asked to comment that the younger generation was asking the NC’s leadership, including him to act in the capacity of advisers, Paudel said, “I am new and I have not been tested before. The party has to understand this.”

On Sushil Koirala’s candidacy for the post of prime minister, Paudel called it a democratic practice. Paudel said his party was making efforts to give a way out to the country.

Noting that closure of schools, hospitals, factories and industries was not good for people and the country, Paudel warned that such activities would push the country into further crisis.

He said if the NC were leading the government, the problem would have been solved by now. He said that reluctance to pass the bill to amend the statute in Parliament was behind the protracted crisis.

He said that his party was in talks with Madhesi and Indian leaders. “Since talks are under way, we will soon find a solution to the present crisis,” Paudel hoped.