Peace accord a compromise, says Maoist advisor

Kathmandu, November 12:

Dilip Maharjan, advisor to the CPN-Maoist, today said that the high command of his party was committed to making Nepal a federal state with ethnic autonomy.

“I say I can revolt against the party leadership if the promised issue of ethnic autonomy is ignored,” he said at an interaction organised by the Newa Sanchar Sanjal.

“The document of peace deal is a document of compromise that may not be a complete solution to all the problems, but it has opened gates to many solutions,” he opined.

UML leader Rajendra Shrestha said the much-hyped understanding between the government and the Maosits is a “political cheating” of the indigenous people by the leaders.

He also said that the proposed “mixed” election system will ensure 205 seats to the Brahmins and Chhetris, while the rest of 204 seats will be given mostly to those who have personal relationship with the leaders. “Thus, there is little chance of proportional representation in the CA,” he said.

Malla K Sundar, chairman of the Newar National Forum, said: “The so-called peace deal has

totally neglected the voice of the indigenous people and thus it might anytime ignite another phase of revolution, as they have found themselves unheard in the deal.”

“Will this new environment do justice to different castes, communities, religions and languages? If not, it is not going to be a solution of any type,” he said adding that the

CA was going to be non-inclusive.

“The Kathmandu Valley will not accept Ishowar Pokhrel, Bidhya Bhandari and Raghu Pant as contestants in the constituent assembly elections,” he said. He warned leaders not to underestimate the power of ethnic unity.