Peace must, come what may: King

Dhangadhi, August 23:

King Gyanendra today said all the sectors should unite to restore peace and security in the country. Granting audience to regional administrator, Seti zonal administrator, District Development Committee chairman and vice-chairman and media persons at Attariya of Kailali today, the King said, “Time has come now for all of us to unite our efforts for peace as nothing can be achieved alone.” The King said that we must ensure peace for our children no matter how much pain we have to go through to achieve that. Stating that priority must be given to bring those who have lost their way into the mainstream, King Gyanendra added that it is unfortunate that development efforts have been stalled due to the country’s vulnerable situation.

The King also expressed his discontent over the fact that the far-western region lagged behind other regions in terms of development. The King also instructed all government officials to provide prompt services to the people of the region. The King walked nearly one kilometre from Barakh Battalion to Zonal Administration Office, accepting felicitations from thousands of people who had gathered to greet him and listened to their greivances and complaints. A freed Kamaiya, Ratrani, could not control herself and cried out her pain of not having any food, clothing or shelter in front of the King. Home Minister Daan Bahadur Shahi and Chief of Army staff, General Pyar Jung Thapa, accompanied the King.

Also today, the King visited far-west’s regional headquarters Dipayal. The King walked from Pancheshwor Mahadev Temple to the Regional Administration Office and granted audience to students, teachers, civil servants and civilians. Thousand of people welcomed the King upon his arrival in Doti. He also gave autographs to the students. The security source informed that the King will stay in Dipayal today. He is scheduled to visit Jumla and Surkhet of the mid-western region tomorrow.