People rally as Siddhababa trial hearing commences

Sunsari, December 29

A trial hearing on the rape charge levelled against Krishnadas Giri, aka Siddababa, could not complete due to time constraint at Sunsari District Court today.

The hearing is set for tomorrow as lawyers speaking on behalf of Siddababa could not complete their arguments. Lawyers on behalf of the woman, who accused Giri of raping her, finished their arguments.

Meanwhile, people continuously demonstrated for and against Giri outside the court. The district court had continued the trial hearing amidst the demonstrations. A prohibitory order was issued outside the court before the trial hearing kicked off.

Out of five lawyers, three finished speaking on behalf of Giri. Giri’s supporters had come to the court in a reserved bus at 10:00am. Giri was produced before the court in an ambulance and returned to the hospital in the same vehicle. Women right activists staged demonstration seeking stern action against Giri, while his supporters and followers from Chataradham Ashram staged the protest demanding unconditional release of the godman. Both sides demonstrated in a face-off.

The clamour and hullaballoo emanating from the demonstrations had partially affected court proceedings. The trial hearing took place in the backdrop of all the clamour today. A large number of police personnel were mobilised on the court premises and security was tightened at the court’s entrance.

Sunsari District Court Spokesperson Gopal Giri said protests from both sides had adversely affected court proceedings. “Staging demonstrations for or against the accused while the trial hearing is under way amounts to direct intervention in the judiciary,” said Sunsari District Bar Association Chair Sharada Prasad Adhikari.