CHITWAN, July 18 Nepali Congress leader Pradip Giri said on Saturday the first draft of the new constitution has failed to represent the sentiments of majority of the people and it requires amendments. At an interaction on Saturday, the Nepali Congress leader said that not only Madhesis, Dalits, women and marginalised groups but also some leaders who were involved in preparing the draft were not satisfied with the preliminary draft. Giri was of the view that some politicians, not political parties, were dominating the constitution-making process. CPN-UML leader Yogesh Bhattarai, however, said that new constitution should be promulgated by mid-August. Arguing that the new constitution would be the common document of all political parties, Bhattarai said some weaknesses could be there while trying to respect the sentiments of all. “This is an achievement. This is not the declaration of a single party,” Bhattarai added. Also speaking at the programme, Unified CPN-Maoist standing committee member Leelamani Pokharel said attention should be paid towards making the constitution pro-people and protecting national unity and sovereignty. Columnists Khagendra Sangraula and Rajendra Maharjan also aired their views.