Kathmandu, July 21:

Accusing the authorities concerned of not taking any step to meet demands put forth by it, the Nepal Diploma Pharmacy Student Council said it would continuity the protest until its demands were met.

Noting that the council’s modest requests were being ignored continuously, the council coordinator, Diwesh Neupane, said, “We know how to get our rights”. He said the students would continue boycotting all the classes until their demands were met.

The council has been calling for reforms in the evaluation system, cancellation of the orientation conducted by the Department of Drug Administration for non-pharmacists, and allocation of quotas for the students in the governmental and non-governmental organisations. The students have been boycotting the classes for over a week.

The council has prepared a 15-point charter of demands, which will be submitted to the concerned authorities very soon. Baburam Humagain, president of the Nepal Pharmaceutical Association, supported the students’ move and urged the authority to meet the demands at

the earliest. “This is the question of dispensing quality service, not merely grievances of pharmacists against other medical professionals,” he said.

“A staffer of a drug store is required to have a thorough knowledge of the consequences of using drugs. It is more than giving the drugs that doctors prescribe,” he further said.