Pick democrat PM: Green Party to King

Kathmandu, March 20:

The Green Nepal Party (GNP) has urged the King to appoint a ‘democrat’ prime minister who should be committed to multi-party democracy, honest and capable of appointing cabinet ministers from all sections to resolve the existing crisis.

Saying that the present Council of Ministers under the King’s chairmanship has not been able to secure peace, penalise corrupts and failed to show good governance, the party has warned that the country could even head towards a “dreadful civil war” if peoples’ trust on the King erodes. “In this regard, our party urges the King to seek advice and help from the friendly countries to reach to an agreement on peace and resumption of democracy,” party chairman Kuber P Sharma said in a press statement today.

The GNP said that if the threat of violence could not be avoided, the proposed elections to the House of Representatives will fail to attract mass participation.