Pilot olive cultivation project a success in Bajura

Bajura, October 18

A recent study has shown that Bajura could be suitable for cultivating olives.

In a successful pilot project that began in 2006, 636 olive plants were planted in 3.5 hectares of land in Kolti.

Project Officer at the Olive Test Centre Janesh Bhandari informed that the plants started producing fruits from last year. “The plants were planted about ten years ago with the assistance of the Italian government and have started bearing fruits. This successful cultivation paves way for future production of olives in the district,” said Bhandari.

Under the project, some 28 species of olive plants were planted in a land plot owned by Kolti-based Jana Prakash Higher Secondary School. “Of the species planted, 24 are producing fruits, of which 10 species are recommended for Nepal,” Bhandari informed further.

Other than Bajura, the Italian government had conducted the project in Dolpa and Kathmandu. “About 1.4 million euro was spent on the project and 50 per cent of the budget spent was spent in Bajura alone,” said Bhandari, adding that an Italian company provided technical assistance for the project.

Meanwhile, some species of the same plant were also found in large quantities in the forests of the district. The districts with the possibility of olive cultivation include Bajhang, Achham, Rukum and Jajarkot.

Oil produced from olive seeds are used for the treatment of cancer and various skin diseases and fetches up to 2500 rupees in the Nepali market.