Piped biogas supply halted

Biratnagar, September 11

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had inaugurated the biogas supply pipeline for households in Jatuwa of Biratnagar Metropolitan City three weeks ago. However, after the biogas plant stopped functioning owing to a technical glitch; consumers at Jatuwa have started using LPG cylinders again.

Shovakant Yadav at Jatuwa had kept an LPG cylinder in his store after biogas was directly supplied through pipeline in the area. Yadav has been using the LPG cylinder for the past few days. “After gas stopped coming through the pipeline, we cooked meals using firewood for a few days. But later, my son refilled the LPG cylinder and we are using it now,” Yadav added.

Like Yadav, Sita Dahal of Jatuwa too has started using LPG cylinder. “I cooked food with biogas for a fortnight. But, after gas supply was disrupted, I started using the LPG cylinder,” said Dahal.

Inaugurating the biogas produced by Shree Krishna Gau Sewa Sadan on August 21, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had said that 32 households at Jatuwa had bid farewell to LPG cylinders and 48 more families would follow suit shortly. However, after the biogas plant encountered a technical glitch, consumers have resumed the use of LPG cylinders.

Gau Sewa Committee Chairman Shankar Agrawal said biogas production was halted for repairs after the plant faced a technical glitch. According to Agrawal, a team of engineers is carrying out repairs at the plant. Agrawal said that gas distribution would resume to the 32 families soon and it would be supplied to 48 families within a month.

The problems facing the biofuel plant were interrupted power supply and low voltage. “Even after test and inauguration, the fuel was supplied only when there was adequate power supply. Lack of generators caused the problem,” stakeholders said.

Agrawal said that 24-hour power supply was required to supply fuel. “District Coordination Committee pledged to provide generator through Biratnagar Metropolis, but the generator is yet to come,” Agarwal added.

Laying of pipelines to supply the biogas to as many as 80 households is under way, according to Agrawal.