PLA cadres’ fate worries EU envoys

Kathmandu, October 10:

European envoys today expressed anxiety over the fate of the Maoist combatants who are in cantonments while the government has cold-shouldered their integration with the army.

The concern to this effect was expressed by a delegation of EU envoys who had met Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala today. The delegation was led by British envoy to Nepal Andrew Hall.

“Among other things, the envoys raised concern about the future of Maoist combatants who are stationed in cantonments.” said Dr Suresh Chalise, who is Foreign Policy Advisor to Prime Minister Koirala.

The concern from foreign envoys comes in the wake of almost no progress on the process of integration of the combatants with the army, something which has been mentioned in the comprehensive peace treaty signed last year.

The envoys also wondered why the government was not serious when it comes to take the recommendation of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and the United Nations, both of which have been suggesting the need to rule out impunity to all those who have been found to be involved in gross human rights violations.

Concern has been also expressed about the delayed election to constituent assembly. Reassuring the ambassadors, Prime Minister Koirala promised to look into the issues involved after conducting a thorough review of the compliance to the deals reached with the Maoists so far.