PLA fighters expect NA jobs

SHAKTIKHOR: At a time when the government is doing groundwork to discharge the PLA combatants disqualified by the UNMIN, Dipendra Bahadur Basnet 'Shangharshasil', company assistant commander in the PLA Third Division, Shaktikhor, wistfully hopes for his induction in the Nepali Army.

Basnet, 28, who also served in the Armed Police Force for five years, had quit his job for the Maoists in September 2003. Before joining the PLA, Basnet was posted at the APF Raktakali Battalion of Bangesimal, Surkhet. "I deserted the APF as seniors used to look down upon juniors," he said, adding that the urge to speak and fight for the have-nots motivated him to join the PLA. Of his two brothers, one is serving in the NA while the other works for Nepal Police.

Stating that the Maoists had waged the decade-long war to bring about socio-economic changes in the country, he reasoned that integration into the NA would be a deserving reward for the PLA fighters. "I am eager to serve the nation by joining the NA,” he added.