PLA personnel threaten to leave cantonments

Chitwan, August 3:

Pointing at the ‘irresponsible attitude’ of the government, People’s Liberation Army (PLA) personnel of the Third Division today warned to leave the cantonments.

Talking to this daily, Abiral, spokesperson for the Third Division, said, they will be compelled to leave the cantonments if things did not improve in the cantonments.

“We have not got allowance for 13 months and ration meant for us this month. Our personnel are having a difficult time during the rainy season. Their tents are leaking and there is no supply of drinking water in the cantonments,” Abiral said.

He added that the debt of the Third Division had reached Rs 35 million. Abiral blamed the government for not acting as per the peace agreement.

The Third Division has 6,300 People’s Liberation Army personnel, some of whom were disqualified during the second phase of verification by the United Nations Mission in Nepal.

The disqualified personnel have also been staying in the cantonments.