PLA soldiers spending nights in open

Dhangadhi, November 26:

The Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA) now gathered at four different places in Kailali for integration is spending winter nights in the open. The PLA has alleged that the government is delaying the construction of temporary camps to house the PLA personnel.

“We were told to come to the cantonment site, but the government has failed to keep its promise,” PLA’s seventh division commander Prajjwal said. Some 10,000 PLA soldiers of the seventh division, including Lokesh Smriti Brigade, Lisnegram Brigade, Bahubir Yoddha Brigade are gathered in Kailali but are having to spend nights in the open, he said. Prajjwal added that over 2,500 PLA soldiers gathered at Gorange are forced to use dirty water for drinking and cooking purposes.

The bulldozer of the Roads Department that left for the main cantonment site at Talbanda on Friday is short of diesel. Some 1500 metres of plastic pipe meant for supplying drinking water is there but construction work is yet to begin. A committee has been formed for the camp management under the coordination of CDO Ganesh Bahadur Khatri who said efforts are on for housing of PLA soldiers.