PLA’s reign of terror draws six parties’ flak

DHANGADHI: Representatives of six political parties here in Kailali district have demanded action against the People’s Liberation Army fighters of the UCPN-Maoist who were involved in thrashing residents of Nigali VDC a few days ago.

They also said that the Maoists should take the responsibility of treating the wounded villagers.

Some 200 PLA fighters

of Bahubiryodda Brigade, after coming out of

the camps, had severely beaten up the villagers of Shantipur in Nigali VDC-1 on the day of Krishna


The PLA men resorted

to the beating when some locals, finding some

new faces in the area, had enquired about their identities after they were spotted drinking liquor in a shop run by a local woman of the village.

Thirty-six villagers were injured in the attack. They are now undergoing treatment in different health facilities in the district.

The news of the PLA highhandedness came to light rather late as the Maoist combatants had threatened the locals of dire consequences in case they made public the case to police and media.

Issuing a joint release on Monday, the parties — CPN-UML, Nepali Congress, Rastriya Janamorcha, CPN-Unified, Nepal Sadbhawana Party and Nepal Peasants Party — termed the PLA act as breaching

of the Comprehensive Peace Accord.

“After the Janaddolan, we all are heading towards the process of promulgation of the new constitution but the Maoists

have been trying to breach the peace process,” the

release read.

“Such incidents by the Maoists have made the mockery of the CPA and other various agreements reached earlier.”

They also demanded to the rights activists, journalists and government to probe into the case and bring the culprits to book.

Meanwhile, Saugat, commander of Bahubiryodda Brigade, claimed that it was the villagers who had thrashed the PLA personnel when the latter were having fish curry in the shop in the village.