Planting tree, saving a must for newly married couples

Nawalparasi, December 18

Locals of Amartari Homestay and its adjoining areas in Kawasoti Municipality-15, Nawalparasi, have made it mandatory for every newly married couple to plant trees and deposit the amount of money they receive as daksina or gift during their marriage ceremony in a local cooperative.

The locals started this as a campaign in the village to make the villagers aware about environment conservation and to develop habit of saving among newly wed couples who spend lavishly on marriages and functions after their weddings.

Chandu Mahato and Bindu Mahato, a newly married couple of the locality became the first such couple to become part of the campaign.

Besides marriages, money collected during rice feeding ceremony and birthday celebrations, among

other functions, should be deposited in the local cooperative. “If a new mother deposits money in her child’s name, the cooperative will provide saplings to the mother for plantation,” said Amaltari Homestay Manager Dhani Ram Mahato.

Socio-economic status of Tharu, Bote and Musahar communities residing in Baghkhor has gone up remarkably with the establishment of Tharu Homestay a few years ago. “Hundreds of foreign and domestic tourists visit the locality to taste typical Tharu cuisine on a daily basis. The homestay has been a boon for denizens of the locality. This campaign will also be very effective,” said Nar Bahadur Mahato, a local.

Meanwhile, he said the people of the locality should attend social events, celebrations and functions of the village in traditional attire.