PM bats for govt, urges oppn to join coalition’s rank

Rupandehi, December 24:

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has threatened that the nation would crumble down if the government led by his party were pulled down. He also called on the opposition party to join the coalition government to bring the peace process to its logical end.

Speaking at an inaugural ceremony of the industrial trade fair along with agriculture and tourism promotion fair 2008 in Butwal today, PM Prachanda said, “I see no chance of this government to collapse. Collapse of this government means collapse of the nation. Whether you like it or not, this is the fact. It will be better that the parties staying out of the government should come to join it for framing the new constitution.”

He said that the Wednesday cabinet meeting discussed on the need to reach a new understanding among the major political parties for a logical conclusion of peace process and framing the new statute.

The Prime Minister also blamed that the anarchy in the country was a result of breaching the understanding among the major parties involved in the peace process.

“The peace process and drafting new constitution have faced challenges. Now we need to take tough moves”. He added, “Attack on the Himalmedia was an anarchy.”

He blamed that the pro-royalists infiltrated into Maoist party to disrupt the peace process itself

among many who have entered the Maoist party every year. “ Former king Gyanendra might have asked the regressive forces to join the revolutionary forces and directed to vandalise”, Prachanda said, “I doubt on them.”

PM Prachanda was disgracefully shameful when CA members Bal Krishna Khand and Radha Gyawali, president of the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kush Kumar Joshi and FNJ Rupandehi chapter president Mohan Chapagai denounced the attack on the Himalmedia.

Speaking at the programme, PM said, “I called the concerned workers, told them they have committed serious mistake, be prepared to go to jail.” He also urged the media not to exaggerate the incident unnecessarily.