PM claims everyone’s demands will be met


Prime Minister Sushil Koirala on Sunday urged the people to rest assured about a statute  that addresses the concerns of all.

Speaking during an interaction at Bheri Technical Academy in Nepalgunj, the PM hailed the draft of the constitution as a historic achievement and attributed it to great sacrifice.

“This is a rare event, so I urge every one of you to take it positively and contribute with your valuable suggestions. I hereby pledge your suggestions will be valued and the upcoming statue will be the constitution of the entire nation,” Koirala said.

Further, pointing out the threat that the hard-earned achievement of the people’s movement might be lost, the executive head of state doubted the rationale behind the agitation announced by dissenting parties citing the ‘unsatisfactory’ draft of the constitution.

“After years we’ve reached close to getting the nation’s statute. It’s therefore high time we all helped in this process by contributing positively rather than throwing a monkey wrench,” said Koirala, who also expressed his confidence in the country taking strides in development once the statute is promulgated.

Leaders and cadres of Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal chanted slogans against the government and torched copies of the draft constitution when Koirala came out of the programme. Koirala reached all four feedback collection centres in the four constituencies of the district.