PM coaxing NC-D men into joining NC: Rijal

Rajbiraj, September 16 :

A central committee member of the Nepali Congress (Democratic), Dr Minendra Rijal today, accused Prime Minister and Nepali Congress president Girija Prasad Koirala of attempting to lure NC-D activists to the NC at a time when the issue of unification of the two parties is being discussed.

Addressing party activists at the Saptari office of the NC (D), Dr Rijal said, “We are getting vibes from Koirala’s varying comments that he’s trying to pull some of our party cadres into the NC. Some of our party activists, too, seem eager to join the NC, but if they take such a step in haste, they will be the ones to lose.”

Saying that though the initial comment of PM Koirala about party unification was positive, Dr Rijal added that the possibility of unification of the two parties was weakening as both parties still have differences over appointing 205 regional presidents, 75 district presidents and forming 58 town committees.

Stating that constituent assembly polls will be delayed until the Maoists’ arms are managed, Dr Rijal said, “Regressive forces will have ample time to conspire if the constituent assembly election is delayed.” Asked about the future of monarchy, Dr Rijal said, “Our party is in favour of a republic. However, the general convention of the party will settle the issue.”