PM critical of Maoist move

ILAM: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal today said it was a mockery of the Constituent Assembly to declare federal states outside the sovereign representative body.

Speaking at a programme organised to mark the 56th birthday of Kirat Religious Guru Atmananda Lingden at Mangsebung in Bajho-9 of Ilam today, Nepal said the bid to declare the states without following the set procedure was a conspiracy to prevent the country from adopting a federal structure.

Referring to the UCPN-Maoist plan of declaring federal states immediately, Nepal added, ''Nobody has the right to divide the country their way.'' Stating that it was a matter of concern that the issue had not been discussed among the political parties, Nepal said, ''The issue has figured in the parliament, but has never been discussed enough.'' "The prolonged political impasse has adversely affected development works in the country," said the PM. "We should put an end to the practice of protesting others' works for the sake of protest.''

"Religion spreads love and unites people," he added. ''The government is trying to create a feeling among followers of all the religions that it is their country. It will also create a feeling of ownership among people from all communities and races.''

Pledging support to develop Mangsebung as a pilgrimage, Nepal said the government was studying to develop tourism in Ilam as a whole. Expressing pride to have declared Kirat Religious Guru Falgunanda a national hero, he said people treated Atmananda Lingden as an incarnation of Falgunanda.

Meanwhile, Subas Chandra Nembang, chairman, CA, said all concerned should work to write a consensual constitution, which is the people's mandate reflected by the CA results.