PM dissatisfied with NRA’s work

Kathmandu, November 15

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal today expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of the National Reconstruction Authority and asked its Chief Executive Officer to furnish a written progress report by Sunday.

The PM sought to know from Gyawali why the NRA fell short while distributing the first instalment of the relief fund to quake victims after 100 days of the formation of the new government, despite his clear direction to complete the task within 45 days, informed PM’s Press Adviser Govinda Acharya.

The PM also quizzed the NRA boss when the victims would get the relief amount and when the reconstruction work would become visible ig the distribution of the fund itself went on in such snail-paced manner.

He also asked about the utility of the fund allotted to the NRA, its employees, support staffers, if responsibility is simply ignored, according to Acharya.

According to a source close to Dahal, NRA head Gyawali passed the buck to government employees for delay in distributing relief fund.

While talking with The Himalayan Times, he downplayed his meeting with the PM and said Dahal was ‘satisfied’ with the NRA’s work.

He stated that out of about 533,000 households, 468,000 had received the first installment of the relief fund and the remaining households would get it once the Cabinet took a decision on how the victims from the Budhigandaki hydel project and victims who do not have land ownership certificates were to be provided the fund.