PM Koirala claims new constitution will include aspirations of all

JANAKPURDHAM: Prime Minister Sushil Koirala said since a constitution without federalism cannot be conceived of, extensive efforts are on for including the aspirations of all sections of society in the forthcoming constitution.

Inaugurating the Ram Tower at Ram Chowk in Janakpur today, PM Koirala said broad deliberations were also underway regarding the delineation of the federal provinces.

It is the need of the day for all of us to work together and protect the big change as the federal, democratic republic and inclusiveness that has been brought in the country, he said and expressed the commitment that the culture, identity and customs as well as the rights and privileges of all would be ensured in the new constitution.

The Prime Minister said discussions are also on with the leaders of the Madhes-centric parties who are opposing the first draft of the new constitution.

He also said that this was the last chance for the country to protect the historic change. If we fail to protect this change, all efforts made so far would go in vain, he added.

PM Koirala, who is also the President of the Nepali Congress party, vowed that he will change the face of Nepal in 10 years while stressing on unity among the Nepalis.

Regarding the construction of the Hulaki Road or the Postal Road, he said works on its construction would begin soon as the government of India provides money for the construction.

The Prime Minister said that a special programme would be brought for the socio-economic development of the Tarai region.

“I have come with a vision of a bright future and the country is bound to move ahead on the path of development,” he said, adding that Nepal was rich in natural resources and the natural wealth of the Tarai and the hills should be developed for contributing significantly for the country’s overall development.

Vice Chairman of the National Planning Commission Dr Govinda Pokharel said the Commission was committed to developing Janakpur into a major destination of religious tourism.

The tower was constructed at a cost of Rs 5.3 million, said President of the Ram Youth Committee Rambabu Saha who presided over the programme.