PM seeks Norwegian investment in energy

Oslo, March 30:

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who arrived here yesterday on a three-day official visit of Scandinavian countries, today said he was looking for Norway’s cooperation and investment in Nepal’s hydropower sector, which, he said, could transform the impoverished country into prosperity within a couple of years.

Addressing an interaction organised by the Nepali diaspora in Norway, PM Dahal said Norway achieved its economic prosperity by properly utilising its immense water resources.

Norway is keen on investing in Nepal’s hydropower sector through the state-owned Statkfraft and another subsidiary SN Power, which has recently been licensed to carry out feasibility study for the 600 MW Tamakoshi III hydro project.

“Economic prosperity is a must to ensure lasting peace and political stability,” he said, adding that water resources and tourism were some of the sectors in which Nepal can excel. The goal of generating 10,000 MW of energy is not an ambitious plan for Nepal if it is well planned and political issues like drafting the new constitution and peace process are settled on time, the PM said.

He also said plan was afoot to establish Nepali embassy in Norway.

He also thanked the Norwegian government for extending its help to Nepal’s peace process.