PM selection is not an issue, say leaders

Kathmandu, November 12:

Leaders of various political parties today urged all concerned not to create controversy over the nomination of the prime minister in the interim government.

NC leader Ram Chandra Paudel said that there was no misunderstanding about the issue of future prime minister in the seven-party meeting.

“Who is going to be the prime minister is not an important question at present. There are many other questions to be solved. Some factors must be trying to break the unity among the seven-party alliance members,” he said at the Reporters’ Club.

UML leader Bharat Mohan Adhikary accused the media of unnecessarily highlighting the issue of the prime minister, “as nobody has ever formally proposed any name for the post of prime minister in the recent seven-party meetings”.

Prakash Sharan Mahat of NC-D said that the issue of future prime minister would be solved “within 10 minutes as soon as it comes in the seven-party meeting” and assured that there would not be any conflict of interest among the leaders.

Lilamani Pokhrel of the Jana Morcha Nepal said: “If anyone makes the prime minister’s selection an issue and sidelines all other vital national issues, it will display his poor political culture,” adding, “Madhav Kumar Nepal (UML general-secretary) has the right to express his views on PM and Prachanda also has the right to protest it.”