Pokhara Metropolis expedites inner city road expansion

POKHARA: Pokhara Metropolis has expedited its campaign to widen the city streets in a bid to make commuting hassle-free.

The Pokhara Metropolitan City demolished houses along the Palikhe Chok on Wednesday to rid the street of long traffic jams. Vehicles carrying VIPs ply through Palikhe Chok after the Provincial Assembly building was set up at Nadipur making it one of the busiest blocks in the city.

A team of municipal employees led by Ward-4 Chair Shanker Bastola demolished houses of Basanta Udash, Mishri Udash and Dudhman Udash on Thursday.

“Out of the four house owners, two have been compensated while the other two have agreed to receive compensation,” Bastola said, “The remaining houses will be demolished within a week.”

The metropolis has valued land compensation at Rs 120,000 per metre.