Police confess to thrashing mourners

DHARAN: Nepal Police ASI Dewan Tamang and Armed Police Force Inspector Krishna Upreti today confessed that they had beaten the mourners who were returning from a funeral on August 15 in Sunsari’s Chatara. They have urged human rights activists to settle the case.

Sixty mourners, who were beaten black and blue by drunken APF men, expressed their grief

with the rights activists

today. They said the

policemen had beaten them mercilessly, ignoring their pleas for water.

One had lost consciousness when thrashed

by seven personnel.

The residents of Khoriyabati in Dharan were returning from the funeral of a youth who had died in a road accident. Showing scars on her back, widow of Gopal Shrestha, who lost life in a motorcycle accident, said,

“They trashed me with a bamboo cane.” Bhupal, son of the deceased, lamented, “I touched their feet to plead with them to spare my uncles but they threw me away.”

The APF men had thrashed the mourners saying that they had not stopped their vehicle to let the plainclothesmen board it. Most of the injured have sustained injuries on their head.